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When it comes to supplements, an overdose or in balance is worse than giving none at all. When feeding a balanced diet very little can be all that is required for top health.


Product descriptions.

Clean & Clear Check Mite. is back! MAFF approved. Now the most concentrated product on the market. Fantastic cleaner, food safe, bio degradable, kills all mites, moths, flies, spiders, cocci, viruses, bacteria, odours and keeps dust down Safe to use daily as a mist spray. Give your establishment a new environment every day. Testimony: Mr Dawson – London. A godsend! I spray my bird room daily and it’s like a breath of fresh air. No smells, no dust, we use it stronger for cleaning cages. Spray on wipe off, no scrubbing. Absolutely brilliant, I recommend it to everyone.



TOP-S.  For those who used FPY-GROWTH PROMOTER, This is new and improved! Pre and pro biotic setting the gut up to maximise the nutrients adsorbed. On my own budgerigars:  Testimony: Ringing chicks 2 days early. At six weeks old so well developed, leaving the box 5 days early with fully grown tail feathers

Application, Just a pinch of this fine powder sprinkled on food daily. Mainly during rearing and moulting. Can be used all year round.



Vit-Min T.E.  This liquid is designed to sit on the liver as a reserve and is slow release over a period. Animals given this in the past, have stopped going to vitamin/ mineral buckets freely available to them. Application,  1ml/ ltr for 5 days every 2 months



Vital Spark. Taking the pig and poultry industry by storm. Natural  fruit extract. Immune system boost, increase in fertility, hatchability, growth rate, liveability and more! Testimony: 20,000 broiler farmer estimates £3,000 more profit / yr with this product alone. Application, ¼ ml /ltr yes! ¼ ml/ ltr 1 day /week.



All liquid products and homeopathic remedies apart from Clean & Clear check Mite can be used in the drinking water as instructed, placed in to food or sprayed on to livestock as a mist spray, in the dilution rates recommended.


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